Innergy Gift Subscriptions Terms and Conditions

    The Innergy Gift Subscription Terms and Conditions (“Terms) apply to all purchases made from  website and are in addition to and subject to our TERMS OF SERVICE and Privacy Policy

    Any terms used but not defined in the document shall have the meaning set in the TERMS OF SERVICE and / or Privacy Policy. By choosing to purchase, accept or redeem an Innergy Gift Subscription, you consent to all the Terms.

    For further information or questions about your Gift Subscription or the Terms, pls contact us

  1. Validity of Innergy Subscriptions

  2. Innergy gift subscription codes are valid for a one-year subscription to the Innergy app.

  3. Eligibility and Redemption

  4. To redeem a gift subscription, you must create an Innergy user account or have an existing Innergy user account.

    The value of the Innergy subscription gift code cannot be added to an existing Innergy subscription. If you have an active Innergy subscription, you will need to allow that subscription to expire and then redeem your Innergy gift subscription. If you are eligible to redeem a gift subscription, you can do so by visiting

    If you do not already have an Innergy account, you will be asked to create an account in order to redeem your gift subscription. If you have an Innergy account, you will not be able to use the gift subscription code until your current premium subscription has expired.

    After successfully redeeming your gift subscription, the code associated with the gift subscription will no longer be valid. When the subscription term ends, access to the premium subscription access to Innergy app will terminate unless a new subscription code is entered or valid payment method has been provided.

    Only one gift certificate may be added to your account at a time.

  5. No Cash Refunds, Exchanges, or Resale

  6. Once you have redeemed an Innergy gift certificate, you must wait until your subscription has ended to redeem and apply another Innergy app gift subscription code to your account.

    Innergy gift subscriptions are not refundable nor redeemable for cash, except where required by law. Sales tax may be applied. Innergy app gift subscriptions cannot be resold and can only be redeemed once.

  7. Risk of Loss

  8. Innergy is not responsible for lost, stolen or unauthorized use of subscription certificates or codes. Please keep your gift subscription codes in a secure location.

  9. Limitations

  10. Innergy app subscription gifts may not be used in connection with any advertising, marketing or promotion except with the prior written consent of the Institute for Meditation and Harmony (IMIH).

  11. Modifications

  12. Subject to compliance with applicable law, IMIH may modify any of the terms governing your use of the Innergy gift codes at any time. Your use of the Innergy app gift certificates constitutes acceptance to these terms.

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